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    So you want to start your own blog ? Good decision

    But how the hell do you get started? You must have gone through many websites, saw millions of methods for starting a blog. You must be very confused right now? eh?

    So, let me help you clear your head and prove that starting a blog,  is a very simple process and I can explain to you in 5 easy steps. Cool? So let’s move ahead

    Why should you create a Blog?

    I will talk about how to create your blog later. Firstly I’ll tell why should you start a Blog. (If you already have a reason then skip this part and go right ahead)

    1.Blogging is the best way to express your thoughts and communicate with people.

    2. Blogging will enhance your knowledge and writing skills.

    3. And the best part- you can make Money while Blogging.

    So, Let’s get started.

    5 easy steps to start a blog

    Choosing a Blogging Platform

    Choosing a hosting Platform and Domain name for your Blog

    Set up your Blog on the Blogging Platform

    Write your first Blog Post

    Promote your Blog

    Sounds easy? Let me elaborate on each step for you


    Choosing a blogging platform is the first thing you need to do. You must have heard of WordPress sometime, even if you haven’t-WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with countless plug-ins, infinite ways to create your blog layout.

    And the best part, its free to use. Yes! You heard it right.

    There are also other platforms like Tumblr and Blogger, but I would suggest WordPress because of the following reasons-

    It is free and super easy to use.

    It has millions of free themes and Layouts.

    Designed for everyone, not just developers.

    So I hope you choose WordPress as your blogging Platform. Okay, so let’s move forward.


    These terms may sound new to you . Let me explain it to you.

    Hosting In order to get your website active and live on the internet, you need to host a website. There are many hosting platforms available on the internet.

     Domain– Domain is simply the URL of your website.Eg. , ,etc.

    Now you have to decide whether you want to start your blog as a hobby or to earn money too.

    If you want it as a hobby you can go for free hosting service by Yes, it is absolutely free.

    But if you want to do it professionally and earn money too then you can’t go for free hosting.

        Free hosting on has its downside too :

    You will not have your own Domain Name – This means your blog address will not look so good. It will look like this:,  (yourblog being the name you give to your blog)

    Limits in everything– You can’t fully monetize it and you won’t be able to get free themes and layouts

    You don’t own your Blog: That’s right, you are hosting your blog in someone else’s web property. They can delete your site anytime if they think you have violated their Terms of Service.

    Also, you can’t own your e-commerce store or any payment related service on your free plan.

    So what do you do if you want to do it professionally ?

    You go for software which is also owned by WordPress. Now, there are many differences between &, but I will brief it for you in one point for simpler understanding: is a self-hosted platform which means you need to have your own domain name & hosting and then you can build your website on software and access unlimited free benefits.

    While is a hosting service created by WordPress which gives you many free & paid hosting plans. The free plan was the one I talked about earlier, while paid plans have their own benefit.

    So, to create a blog on you need a domain name and web hosting. There are many hosting platforms available on the internet . Some of these are:





    I am personally using GoDaddy.It has good customer support too. You can go for any of the platforms you like.

    Firstly you have to purchase a Domain name for your blog from any of these Platforms. Just visit their website and you will find out easily how to do so.

    (You may not get the exact name you want  for your website if it has been already taken by someone else).

    Now once you purchase your domain name, you need to host your website to get it active and live on the internet. You can browse for monthly hosting plans on your hosting platform and choose the one that suits your needs.

    Now you need on your blog.

    Your hosting platform will show you a “one-click” install button for WordPress now. That button will automatically install WordPress in your Blog.

    Now you are good to go!


    After installing WordPress go to the admin page by adding wp-admin in your URL( Enter your username & password. Now you are ready to set up your Blog.

    In your Dashboard panel, you would see many options for customization like appearance, plugins, setting, tools, etc.

    There are millions of free themes available. You can go for any theme you like but I would suggest you ‘Shaped Blog’ theme which is mostly used for blogging. Go to appearance>themes>search shaped blog>install&activate.

    You can also set up your website Logo, icon, background image, social media links, etc. You can do all of this by yourself as WordPress is easy to use for everyone.

    For website logo& icon design, I would suggest you which is a free platform for designing logos.

    One most important tool you have to install is Yoast SEO Plugin.
    Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins around and it’s easy to understand why.

    Whether you are running your blog or a professional website , Yoast SEO is a powerful tool that can help you make your website as search engine-friendly as possible.

    Yoast SEO runs on any self-hosted WordPress site. (Not for free hosted

    To install Yoast SEO go to your admin panel and click Plugins>Add new >Yoast SEO>Install&Activate


    In this step I will tell you some tricks on how to write so the readers would find it interesting to read:

    Find your Niche – Pick a topic you enjoy talking about. Do some google research on it to see what other people are writing.

    Create a catchy Title- More people will read your title then will actually read your blog post. So, you need to have a title that will make people want to read the article. If your title isn’t strong or interesting, you have lost readers to your blog post.

    Have a lead paragraph that sums up the title- The lead paragraph should get right to the purpose of the post and make it relevant to the reader. Make it short and concise.

    Find a good image with your post – Post images relevant to your blog. This will draw the reader’s attention more towards your post.

    Add your personal experience – This will help you connect with the readers.

    Make your blog neat & presentable- By this I mean make your paragraphs short & concise. Just 2-3 lines paragraphs are enough, and leave some spaces in between the paragraphs.

    This way the reader would not find your blog boring to read.

    Check for grammatical errors before posting – Always check for grammatical errors or you’ll have a very wrong impression on the reader about your blog.

    Give a conclusion at the Last – Always give a conclusion to your blog about the topic and also ask a question to the readers, so they reply in the comments section.

    This is a good way to communicate with them.


    Now obviously you want people to read your blog post. So you have to promote it on the internet.

    For a beginner I would suggest you 2 easy steps:

    Create a page on every social media platform. Share your link there, keep posting content & images relevant to your Blog.

    Create catchy titles for your Blog.

    As the Traffic will increase on your Blog you will start to earn money. Apply for Google ads and Google will start posting ads on your website after approving it. Create a Google analytics account to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website.

    So I hope, now you got some confidence to create your own blog. Mail me if you get stuck at any point. (  I will be happy to help.

    So what topic are you going to write your Blog on?